Foundation for Neglected Disease Research

Disclosure in compliance with Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act 2010 (“FCRA”), India, Good Practice Guidelines:

  1. Goals and Objectives of FNDR:
    To be an excellent “Non-profit Research Organization” that will offer candidate drugs for Diseases of the Developing World.
  2. Details of Key Persons:
    1. Dr. Shridhar Narayanan, Director, will be responsible for managing funding and providing overall leadership to FNDR.
    2. Dr. R. K. Shandil, Director, will be responsible for Discovery Biology and Pharmacology research at FNDR.
    3. P. Gopal Krishnan, Director, is responsible for Finance, Compliance (including compliance with Good Practices Guidelines of FCRA) and Infrastructural Operations of FNDR.
  3. Details of Beneficiaries to whom funds have been disbursed by FNDR:

    FNDR does not disburse the funds. However, it will receive funds as grant-in-aid from donors, subject to FCRA Prior Approval . FNDR shall use these funds to finance its research in pursuit of its goal of discovering therapies for the discovery of remedies of neglected diseases.

  4. Activities:

    In the years 2015 – 2018, FNDR will complete fitting-out its leased facility to start with malaria and tuberculosis research programs. Thereafter, FNDR will initiate work on standardization and validation of various in vitro drug screening platforms and animal models of tuberculosis and malaria followed by chemistry work to support lead optimization programs.

  5. The details of Foreign Contributions received so far by FNDR is as follows:
    Name of Donor Amount Date of Receipt FCRA BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER Purpose of Receipt Mode and Purpose of Utilization Additional Remarks
    Astra Zeneca ABINR 3,38,50,000
    (USD 5,00,000)
    06/01/201750200008168382P1303 - Donations to religious and charitable institutions in indiaResearch ActivityNA
    Astra Zeneca AB INR 3,17,00,000
    (USD 5,00,000)
    10/08/2017 50200008168382P1303 - Donations to religious and charitable institutions in indiaResearch ActivityNA
  6. Annual reports of FNDR for Financial years 2014, 2015 and 2016.