Foundation for Neglected Disease Research

FNDR holds patents on several assets individually or jointly with other partners:

A novel anti TB drug candidate that targets mycobacterial DprE1cell wall target required for Arabinan synthesis. A series of azaindoles is at the stage of preclinical toxicology. FNDR holds equal right (50:50) in partnership with Global Alliance for Tuberculosis (GATB).

Inhibitors of Enoyl ACP reductase (InhA) of tuberculosis, a clinically validated target of Isoniazid and Ethambutol. This asset offers possibility of developing direct inhibitors of mycobacterial ACP reductase. FNDR holds 100% rights on this asset.

FNDR holds right in partnership in a patent estate for the treatment of TB that is ready for advanced safety/toxicology studies followed by clinical development with NCAOR (50:50). Currently, looking for funding/development partners to establish GLP toxicology.

FNDR holds right in partnership on a patent for Microparticle formulation for pulmonary drug delivery of anti-infective molecule for treatment of infectious diseases

FNDR also holds complete rights to a patent that has been filed for a biomarker based diagnostic for detection of TB (Itaconic acid and Tuberculostearic)

FNDR holds a patent for azo dyes that can be used to the detection and/or quantification of itaconic acid for the diagnosis of gestational diabetes mellitus and preterm labour and also methods of using the azo dyes to react with itaconic acid and methods of using the product of the reaction between the azo dyes and itaconic acid, to detect quantify itaconic acid in samples of interest.